Your choice of ”SEO” or ”Pay Per click” is an option with advantages and disadvantages depending on the marketing campiagn that you wish to run.

Modern technologies are sprouting interesting and dynaseomic marketing tools and techniques such as SEO that can boost a company’s branding, image and market presence. This new online marketing approach is expansive and mind boggling to many business owners and marketers who have yet to gain a good grasp on the concept and application.CadCam Solution provides SEO solutions and applications to capture traffic to the targeted websites via popular search engines like Google. Online SEO marketing involves many types of players. The current status of search engine optimization is that a lot of businesses are still contemplating its inclusion in their marketing plans while bolder businesses are jumping onto its bandwagon to get a head start over their competitors with a ‘do-or-die’ attitude.

The development of excellent performing SEO tools and techniques is attracting more business owners and marketers to indulge into SEO. CadCam Solution team are SEO experts and service providers in generating optimal SEO solutions and applications that work to drive traffic to your web business site.

Modern businesses require new and effective means to secure higher profits as well as expand their market presence and branding. Along the way, an enhanced corporate image and market credibility are part and parcel of the desired outcomes of their online marketing campaigns and investment. With the attractive outcomes, the CadCam Solution seems promising to attract more businesses to try out SEO in their modus operandi and marketing strategies.

However, different players would take home different forms of outcomes with different applications of SEO in their marketing strategies. The results depend on the industry players’ priorities, resources and objectives. A small or new business may even enjoy an added advantage over some big industry players when they employ SEO features and techniques into the marketing plans which are simpler and cheaper to implement than that of bigger players. The marketing strategies of smaller businesses are usually less complicated and easier to implement and monitor to secure bigger results. Tweaking of the marketing campaign is usually easier and faster with a smaller business than bigger players that may be immersed with a host of bureaucracies. It is not surprising to have market newbies entering the industry and emerge as a strong player in a short period of time compared to the bigger industry players.

Modern businesses are hopeful that future SEO services would cost less than they are today to give the business’s bottom line a larger margin. Many companies today are not completely supportive of SEO measures in their marketing plans as the profit margin is not as lucrative as expected.

Although there may still be some hesitation on implementing SEO tools and solutions to businesses, many business entities are jumping into the deep and learn to swim to survive or ride the waves as technologies are developing rapidly today. New business solutions are being developed with new technologies that may not be fully tested and tried with desired outcomes, but the pressing business competition in the market does not allow any business to take a backseat and watch the flow


Our SEO Techniques

SEO essentially consists of three main components:

Page Optimisation + Linking + Indexing


Page Optimisation

  • Keyword research and selection of appropriate keywords
  • Insertion of keywords into website – density and hierarchy
  • Title tags, Comment tags, Meta tags (keyword and description) and image Alt tags
  • headlines, header tags
  • Sitemap production in html and XML



  • Links from other pages
  • Keywords in file names and in hyperlinks
  • Linking campaign with external sites



  • Search engine and directory submission (to over 30 search engines)
  • Site monitoring (to assess our impact on Google Page Rank and search engine rankings).
  • And much more………