web-design-aspphpdotnetWeb Design aspphpdotnet When it comes to your website, design matters. You want a site that will catch the attention of viewers, but a really good site does much more than that. You can have all the flash and dash in the world but if your website isn’t easy to navigate or leaves the viewer wondering about anything, it has failed. The key to making all components work is to hire an experienced web designer Company. Easier said than done? Check out CadCam Solution’s web design Service for your business or organization.


Know What to Look For

There are a few key differences between web designers, web developers and Internet marketers. Web designers are experts at determining layout, graphics, text and navigation of the site, responsible for creating graphics, colors and fonts, says Forbes Online. Website developers pick up from there and write the code to actually implement all those components. Internet marketers focus on boosting traffic to the site through practices like SEO. However, CadCam Solution will handle all of the above phases as one unit.


CadCam Solution will provides written statement of work or proposal that outlines the entire process, from budget and timeline of project to the minutiae of what will go into your website. This document will outline exactly what the CadCam Solution will build so that everyone is on the same page from the get-go. It will include the objective of your website, number of pages, custom headers, image rotations, custom forms, image gallery’s; anything that will on the website from brochures and e-commerce tools to sign ups and selling tools.


In your quest for the best designer, you can never do enough research. If you’ve narrowed down your search to one designer, don’t stop there. Research their competitors so you can visually illustrate examples of your likes and dislikes. Once you’ve hit all these steps, you can be confident you’re choosing CadCam Solution for your business.

5 Tips for Having a Great Web Design

Are you thinking of designing a website that speaks for itself? Having the right website design can draw in customers and lead to increased sales. There are a number of things to consider if you are making a website. Here are five things that will help you have a great web design.

  • Understand your target audience – You need to understand your target audience first to know what type of web design will be right for you. Simply put, the design of a construction company website will not be the same as the design of say, an online news magazine. Both of these websites cater to different audiences and need to be displayed in a different way so as to attract the maximum number of visitors.
  • What is your theme? If you are having a website, which many of us do nowadays, you will know that you can choose your own theme and then customize it. Most of us prefer to do it this way as it saves the huge costs we can incur in case we want developers to make a custom made theme which can go to thousands of dollars, to say the least. You need to customize your theme so as to make sure that it suits your target audience.
  • Is the theme custom made? If you are not tight on budget, you can even design your own custom theme with the help of CadCam Solution. This might set you back by thousands of dollars but then you will have a theme that is custom made and original and with nobody else.
  • Having the right home page – Quite often, it is your home page that will make the difference between just having visitors to having sales conversion. The right home page will help people get attracted to your website. As they say, the first impression is long lasting. If you manage to woo visitors right in the homepage, they are sure to have a look around the website.
  • Creating brand loyalty – When you have your website up, you will need people to subscribe to or buy your products. However, that may not always be possible if you cannot relate to the customers. You can relate to the customers with the help of the right web design.

Our team of design and programming professionals will work hard to get your web site presence up as fast as possible providing the quality that you need and deserve. Our job is never finished until you are completely satisfied and we will continue to provide support as long as needed.

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